The building of the National vocational training center of reference will be done over the period 2008-2010. The vocational training centre of reference is a structure which aims at ensuring the increasing of qualitiy of services level in the field of vocational training through its activities of improvement and research development, . It will have to contribute in professionals, instructors and even managers of the training structure capacity building.

 The site on which the center is to be built has been chosen at Ziniaré and should benefit from Kossodo’s industrial basin. The survey of the reference center emphasizes on:

1. The trades

The trades under consideration for the Center of reference are the fundamental ones of any technical and industrial development: Mechanics engineering, Electronic engineering (Electricity, Electronics, telecommunications, Air-conditioning and refrigeration), Car and farm mechanics, Civil engineering (Construction, wood working and Pieces of furniture), business restaurant

2. The capacity of reception

Its capacity of reception will vary between 240 and 300 people divided out of 12 classes, in double flow that is 10-15 people/class.
3. The training mode

The training will be done in partnership with companies and technical education schools. Training will be of short duration (1 year maximum), several categories (Initial training, Continuing education (recycling, advanced training). They will be custom-built made, at the request of the companies. The Center will be capable to ensure the training of all categories of trainees: technicians, seed instructors training, etc
4. Target public
The vocational training center is open to many categories of trainees: unemployed persons, employees, youth look for first job, graduating students, seed teachers at ENS/UK, technical and vocational teachers, instructors.

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